Monday, 24 November 2014

Selfie Stick!

My sister Lydia recently gifted me with a 'Selfie Stick' which she bought in Bangkok. At first I was sceptical but it really does make selfies so much easier.

Here's Lydia and I trying out the Selfie Stick in Zurich at the ArtRave (Lady Gaga's Artpop Ball)

The Selfie Stick is great. It works by Bluetooth, it takes barely any setup and it wll work with any Android or Iphone.

It also makes selfies look like non-selfies:

It's great for when there's just two of you... No need to ask strangers to take your picture anymore :)


Here's me showing the in-laws how the Selfie Stick works;

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mink Lash Extensions (My Review)

Yesterday I got mink lash extensions applied in Lana's Hair and Beauty Salon Athlone, Ireland. I had read online that the procedure takes around 1.5 hours but my friend who is a beauty therapist said that it could take longer if the technician was new to the practise.

When I arrived I was asked had I had this done before and when I said no she replied "Well, just so you know it takes around 2 hours". Ok. I had expected this. She asked how long I wanted my lashes to be and I answered that I wanted them really long and dramatic... "Oh! Like a drag queen?!" she said. "No. Not like a drag queen". Duh!!!

Here's what my eye lashes looked like before...
I lay down on the bed and she took a look at my lashes to see how many milimetres she could add to them (You can only get a certain length as your natural lashes need to be able to support the false lashes.). This is when she exclaimed at how long my natural lashes were anyway... She was so suprised! I've always had nice long lashes however- just like my hair- they are extremely thin. She told me that the extensions would thicken them up. Great!

Then she said that my lashes are around 12mm naturally, so she was going to apply 14mm extensions and some 12mm ones. It ends up that 14mm were the longest she had in stock- Looks like I'm getting drag queen eyes afterall!!

So we settle down to work: She tapes down my lower lashes so that they don't stick to the glue on the top ones- Ouch! Next she starts applying the extensions one by one, lash by lash.This is meant to be really relaxing- I've read online that most clients fall asleep. I did not fall asleep. It was not relaxing. I lay on that bed/table thing for so long!! I was covered in a blanked and it was cosy for maybe the first half an hour. By the time she finished the first eye I needed a break so I went to use the bathroom- one eye done, the other with tape all around it :)

The second eye seemed to take even longer, I swear. Coming up to the end I was so sore from lying still for so long. She must have noticed my getting agitated and fidgeting as she started to assure me that she was almost finished.

Finally it was done so I slowly sat up and she spent the next five or ten minutes cleaning excess glue and un-sticking my lower lashes. Next she took protos for her portfolio and the salon's facebook page- At this point she realised that she'd forgotten to take a before picture, oops! I had taken some that morning so I promised to send them to her.

Here's how my lash extensions look!

So I left the salon after paying €45 for my extensions (refills are around €25) and I checked my watch. I was4.11pm! My appointment had been for 1pm! I couldn't believe how long it took! She said that it took so long because she didn't want to ruin the way my natural lashes looked or something, she said it was harder because they were longer. I was getting miffed at this point and wondering whether it was all worth it at all, until I got home and got to spend some time checking them out in the mirror- They are amazing!!! I'm not sure if I'd sit for 3 hours again but I definitely think they are worth going getting the refills done every three or four weeks (She said these sessions would be less than half an hour).

Before and After :)

All in all, I'm so happy with the way they look! At the moment I have no makeup on, but the lashes make it look like I do! I'm all set for my trip to Las Vegas, leaving on Wednesday.

Binary Pixie xx

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sunday in Dublin

It's nice to leave Athlone everywhile and get back to the "big shmoke". Here's what I did last Sunday.

My sister and I attended the "Call A Spade A Spade" demonstration. This was to show solidarity with Rory O'Neill and to oppose homophobia.

We estimated the crowd to be a few hundred but there were reports online of over a thousand. It it had been a 'pro-life' rally the estimates would probably have been in the tens of thousands, lol!

 Senator Norris gave a really motivational speech which got the crowd whooping and cheering. He thoroughly is an amazing public speaker.

We went to Synnotts for one drink and to watch the rugby. I had a vodka with diet coke but Enid mixed her vodka with tonic water because she's off artificial sweeteners. I couldn't do that!!
We left Synnotts pretty quickly because the vibe wasn't great and our view wasn't good either.

We took a quick trip to Starbucks, before which Enid was panicking because she had no cream to put in her coffee. Luckily I remembered that I had read online about people ordering butter in Starbucks to bulletproof their coffee. We got two pats of butter each, it was lovely and creamy :)

Enid the imposter used my name to order the coffees. She's just jealous ;)

I then popped home for a bit to see my parents. I randomly decided to ask my dad for a lend of a ukulele so I one here in Athlone with me. I'm already addicted, it's so easy to learn to play and sounds so cute! It's ruingng my nails though- I always need my nails to be perfectly manicured!!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love,

Fat Bombs for Hitting Your Macros on the Keto Diet!

To maintain ketosis on the keto diet your intake needs to consist of about 70%. I up my fat intake by eating these yummy yummy fat bombs!

Here's the ingredients:

I'm not really sure about measurements- I normally just whip them all together according to taste!
I don't always use the goose fat, I just had some hanging around so I threw it in. Also I use very little sweetener, like less than a teaspoon!
Make sure to use unsalted butter!

I bought all of these ingredients in Tesco- I love their 85% chocolate it's so rich and has an amazing toasted aftertaste. 

I found these cute heart shaped chocolate molds in the euro shop so I made heart-shaped bombs- Just in time for Valentine's day!

Toss them in the freezer for a while until they are rock hard. Then you can take them out off the molds. I normally store them in the freezer afterwards also- They are very melty, after all, they're basically fat!

 Here's the finished result: How cure and appetising are these?!

Enjoyed best accompanied with bulletproof coffee of course!!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love,